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  • Why is post renovation deep floor cleaning mandatory?
    After renovation, floors accumulate dust and contaminants. Traditional cleaning methods aren't effective despite multiple cleanings. Deep floor cleaning ensures the thorough removal of these contaminants for a safe and healthy environment.
  • How does deep floor cleaning differ from regular cleaning?
    The issue with traditional mopping is that it spreads dirt around instead of effectively removing it. Using the same pail of dirty water to mop multiple areas can lead to contamination rather than cleaning. Deep floor cleaning employs specialized equipment and techniques to effectively eliminate deeply embedded dust and contaminants that traditional cleaning methods cannot address adequately. Notably, our specialized equipment swiftly removes dirty water.
  • What do you mean by using specialized equipment?
    Using specialized equipment refers to employing Karcher machine scrubbers for floor cleaning. These machines are designed with two key factors in mind: surface contact pressure and rpm (rotating brush speed per minute). To illustrate, consider two scenarios: 1) a person sliding a cloth across a surface 2) a person applying stationary force on a cloth and not wiping the surface In both cases, the surface remains uncleaned. Specialized machine scrubbers boast significantly higher rpm and contact pressure compared to even the most advanced residential dry/wet vacuums available. Additionally, these equipment swiftly removes dirty water.
  • Is deep floor cleaning safe for all types of flooring?
    Deep floor cleaning is safe for various types of flooring. Our cleaning methods are customized for each type of flooring, using appropriate roller brushes and non-harsh detergents designed to ensure effective yet gentle cleaning without causing damage.
  • Do I still need deep floor cleaning if there is already chemical wash?
    Yes, deep floor cleaning is still necessary even after a chemical wash. Chemical washes typically involve spraying or wiping chemicals onto the surface, which then react with dirt, stains, and germs. This process merely breaks down contaminants, but the cleaner (person) and the process itself hardly remove everything. Deep floor cleaning utilizes specialized equipment designed to thoroughly extract and remove contaminants, ensuring they are not left on the spot or spread around during the cleaning process.
  • Do I still need deep floor cleaning even if I have engaged a post renovation cleaning service?
    Yes, post renovation cleaning typically does not include scrubbing the floors using specialized equipment. Traditional vacuuming and mopping are insufficient for effectively removing post renovation dust and contaminants from floors.
  • But there will be steam mopping for the floor?
    Contrary to popular belief, steam mopping isn't ideal for post-renovation cleaning for several reasons: 1) It's not suitable for all types of floors. 2) Steam is more effective at breaking down grime on surfaces like stoves and hoods rather than dust and contaminants on new floors. 3) Steam mops lack a suction element, leading to contaminants being pushed around instead of removed. Additionally, using the same steam mop pad for the entire house may not be practical. Therefore, it may be more effective to avoid steam mopping for post-renovation cleaning.
  • What is this service about?
    We offer deep floor (not just vinyl) cleaning services for new homeowners. Floors are the dirtiest aspect of the house after renovation. We address the need for thorough floor cleaning because general or post renovation cleaning will not thoroughly remove deeply embedded dust and contaminants. We use specialized equipment to scrub floors effectively. Unlike traditional mops that can spread dirt around, dirty water are swiftly sucked up.
  • Not just vinyl?
    Post renovation deep floor cleaning isn't limited to vinyl. While there's a trend advocating for professional cleaning of vinyl flooring due to textured surfaces that trap dust and debris, this overlooks tiled floors and grouts. All flooring types require professional cleaning after renovation.
  • How is your service different from others?
    1) We exclude vinyl coating as we don't see practical benefits in it. Concerns about dust and dirt being 'trapped' in vinyl are exaggerated. Daily or routine cleaning, including with a robot vacuum, effectively removes dust and dirt. Moreover, uneven wearing off, a common issue with any floor coating, is influenced by factors such as high foot traffic. It can lead to visible patches over time. 2) We exclude deep cleaning bathroom floors because it wouldn't be fair to charge for a service that only covers a small accessible area by machine scrubbers. Additionally, rotating handheld scrubbers cannot reach all corners and lack the contact pressure needed for effective cleaning. Scrubbing the bathroom floor with a brush and flushing with plenty of water likely provide better results in this case. 3) We adapt our cleaning process to suit your space. For areas where our larger machines can't reach, we use compact scrubbers to ensure thorough cleaning with minimal need to shift furniture or items, avoiding the risk of damage.
  • How long does the post renovation deep floor cleaning process take?
    The duration typically averages 2 hours, depending on factors such as the area size and the presence of furniture or items that may obstruct the cleaning process.
  • When should I schedule for post renovation deep floor cleaning?
    The ideal time to have post renovation deep floor cleaning is after carpentry and general cleaning are completed but before the assembly/installation or moving of furniture. This ensures that as much floor area as possible can be deep cleaned.
  • Can I still arrange for deep floor cleaning after moving in?
    Yes, you can still arrange for deep floor cleaning after moving in. It is especially important if you have kids and/or pets who spend most of their time on the floors. We will utilize compact machine scrubbers to cover as much floor area as possible. Feel the transformation.
  • Do you assist with moving furniture?
    We can assist with moving a small number of loose and non-fragile items. Please note that shifting of items is to free up space for cleaning. Items will be relocated to convenient areas at our discretion. While we'll make an effort to return items to their original areas after cleaning, it might not always be possible.
  • What are the payment methods?
    We accept payments via PayNow to our company UEN or SGQR. Please do not pay in cash to any member of our team.
  • What are the aftercare instructions?
    There are no specific aftercare instructions as we do not apply vinyl coating. For vinyl flooring, please follow the instructions provided by the installer.
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