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post renovation dirty floors

New Home Feeling Dirty?

post renovation dirty feet

The dirt and stains from post renovation floors either end up in your bed or cleaned by us

Invest In Hassle Free
Comfort & Hygiene

Post Renovation Deep Floor Cleaning

Pails and mops cannot effectively clean post renovation floors. Despite repeated mopping, they merely spread dirt, grime, and contaminants around. Deep floor cleaning employs Karcher scrubber dryers to scrub and swiftly remove dirty water, ensuring an effective clean.

Not Just Vinyl

Post renovation deep floor cleaning isn't limited to vinyl. While there's a trend advocating for professional cleaning of vinyl flooring due to textured surfaces that trap dust and debris, this overlooks tiled floors and grouts. All flooring types require professional cleaning after renovation.

Varied Equipment Sizes

We use Karcher machines of different sizes, whether it's before or after furniture installation or your move-in date. From heavy-duty 50kg machine to cordless scrubber dryer, our goal is to ensure cleaning of all areas possible.

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